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19mm Stir Bearings, for Teflon Stir Shafts

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Precision honed glass inner bearing is self-aligned when assembled into the glass adapter with a PTFE bushing and o-ring. This bearing is suitable for use with 785760 and 785770 series 19mm PTFE stir shafts. Capable of attaining vacuum to 1 mm Hg, and can operate at speeds up to 200 RPM for many hours with negligible wear.

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Part #

Item Name

Pipe Size

785550-0225 Beaded Stir Bearing 2 in
785550-0325 Beaded Stir Bearing 3 in
785550-0425 Beaded Stir Bearing 4 in
785550-0625 Beaded Stir Bearing 6 in
785550-1225 Conical Stir Bearing 2 in
785550-1325 Conical Stir Bearing 3 in
785550-1425 Conical Stir Bearing 4 in
785550-1625 Conical Stir Bearing 6 in
785550-3445 Standard Taper Stir Bearing 34/45
785550-4550 Standard Taper Stir Bearing 45/50
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1 
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