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Valve Body, with Plug for 1" Flush Bottom Valve Seats

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    This valve assembly is comprised of a glass body with threads and a drain port, and a valve plug. the stem of the valve plug goes through the body via precision-bore tubing. there are two Kalrez® o-rings on the shaft of the stem, which seal against the ID of the PB tubing. the tip of the plug is equipped with a PTFE encapsulated silicone o-ring for sealing against the valve seat in the vessel.

    the nose of the plug is reduced in diameter to provide maximum drainage around plug when valve is opened. the plug has an integral skirt which extends past the open end of the PB tubing to prevent material from entering the tubing and holding up in front of the o-rings.

    there are two styles of valve body/plug assemblies. the first style is a plain plug for use with our standard agitators. the second style has a solid 1/2” diameter pin extending out of the face of the plug in order to catch the bottom of our new agitators. these agitators have an extended body with a hole in the bottom end which receives this pin, and provides superior stabilization to the stirring shaft and virtually eliminates “whip”.

    Each style has two lengths to choose from, as some of our reactors have longer valve seats to accommodate the use of electric heating mantels. generally speaking, a jacketed reactor will have a short valve seat as no heating mantles are required with jacketed reactors. reactors which are not jacketed may have either length of valve seat, however, a long valve seat will provide more versatility for a unjacketed reactor.

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Part #

Item Name

Heating Mantle

Stabilizing Pin

826619-1090 Valve Body No No
826619-1190 Valve Body No Yes
826619-0134 Valve Body Yes No
826619-1134 Valve Body Yes Yes
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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