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Optional Laboratory Equipment and Safety Accessories

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Dip Tube

These dip tubes are for use in larger, industrial type flasks or in our jacketed and unjacketed cylindrical reactors. Their primary function is to allow the removal of material below the surface. They can also be used to introduce material below the surface, in this case they are sometimes referred to as subsurface additions. Both ends are the same size, and when not in use, the top end can be capped off to allow system operation under vacuum.

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Bell Jar

Heavy walled bell jar with beveled and ground finished edge for increased strength and durability. Do not use in heat or pressure applications.

Bell Jar Gasket

Available in either Viton® or Buna.

Cylinder, Glass

Heavy walled glass cylinder with beveled and ground finished edge for increased strength and durability.

Addition Funnel

This cylindrical addition funnel has a stopcock in the equalization line to permit filling of the funnel without exposing the system to the atmosphere. Constructed with 24/40 standard taper joint on top and 1-1/2” bead on the bottom. Graduated models have scales running both up and down. All stopcocks are PTFE.

Quenching Coil

These cooling coils are designed for use with HSM cylindrical reactors. The coil for 10 and 20 liter reactors is for use with 8" (200 mm) cover series 620690. The 50 and 100 liter coils are for use with 12” (300 mm) covers series 620695 and 500392. Coils are 1/2" diameter PTFE coated copper and are available in other materials such as Hastelloy upon request.



Safety Accessories

Aluminum poncho safety shield is for use with series TM and STM mantles. It not only protects the glass flask from spills, it protects it from falling objects such as screwdrivers and pliers. Makes an excellent insulator.

Driver Rods

This Driver rod is linked to the swinging bucket and operated by a metal slug in the upper end which, when energised by an electromagnet, will move the bucket to either provide reflux or take-off.

Vacuum Manometer

Used as a quick visual reference during sub-atmospheric operation below 200 mmHg.

Dry Ice Trap




Control Barometer

A full meter long “U” tube, having a ball check valve in each arm to prevent mercury from being pulled into other parts of the system. Ball joints are 18/9.

Nitrogen Bubbler

In many distillations, especially those of crude oil, it is desirable to bubble a small amount of nitrogen over the charge to prevent oxidation and also to purge any oxygen from the system. By filling the lower reservoir of this unit with an acceptable oil and connecting the top joint to a nitrogen source, the flow rate of nitrogen by bubble count can actually be seen, even during sub atmospheric distillation.

Electromagnet and Power Supply

24 VDC electromagnet available in two styles; hollow core to fit over the valve cap, and solid core to be placed next to the swinging bucket. Power supplies are available in 115 volt or 230 volt configurations. Available in combinations or individually.

Extension Cables


Flow Meter

This flow meter is ideal for use in the H. S. Martin D-2892 distillation system. Positive and quantitative flow indication is provided inexpensively, safely and reliably. The flow meter body is constructed of a solid acrylic block, with stainless steel cartridge flow valves and Viton® o-rings. The connections are horizontal 1/8" NPT pipe threads with standard panel mount nuts. Scale is direct-reading and has a range of 0.2 to 1.2 LPM of air. Accuracy is ± 5% of full scale at 14.7 PSIA. Maximum pressure is 100 PSIG. Maximum operating temperature is 140°F.


Hold Down, Column Packing

Column Packing and Supports

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