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All Categories > ASTM Testing Apparatus > High Vacuum (HIVAC) Still, ASTM D5236 > Components and Accessories for the D5236 HIVAC Still  

Components and Accessories for the D5236 HIVAC Still

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HIVAC Heads, D5236

This stillhead is the heart of the H.S. Martin D-5236 Hivac Still. H.S. Martin combines an extremely effective design, the highest quality material, and the utmost in craftsmanship to produce the most efficient and durable Hivac head available. Illustrated is the 50mm size. Please note that the size of the head refers to I.D. of the head.

Semi-Flat Bottom Flasks with Thermowell

A single neck flask with spherical socket joint and a thermowell.

ASTM Compliant Condensers, D5236

This condenser is offered as a cost-effective, ASTM compliant condenser for use with all D-5236 stills. If higher condensing capacity is required, see catalog number 500272 for primary condenser.

Temprobe Assembly Kit, D5236

This temprobe assembly was designed to make precise placement of the thermocouple within the head possible. Simply loosen the locking bushing on the temprobe and set the depth. To securely maintain your depth setting, tighten the safety collar and now you can remove the thermocouple, and replace it to it’s original depth. The complete temprobe assembly includes the following components:

Vacuum Adapters, D5236

This adapter is placed on top of the condenser and is used as an attaching point for a vacuum pump. All adapters are 90° and hose connections are 1” O.D.

Primary Condensers, D5236

This condenser may be employed where greater condensing capacity is desired.

Single Receiver Vacuum Adapters, D5236

This vacuum adapter is employed when using only a single receiver at a time.

Receiver Distributor Vacuum Adapters, D5236

This vacuum adapter is used with receiver distributor 500338 when equipping the HIVAC Still with multiple receivers.

Receiver Distributor, D5236

This distributor will accommodate up to six 500339 receivers. Joints are 24/40 Standard Taper type with hooks. One size fits all D-5236 stills.

Receiver, D5236

These receivers may be used with or without distributor 500338. All receivers have a 24/40 joint with hooks.

Dry Ice Trap Secondary Condensers

This condenser can be used in conjunction with our high-speed condenser 500272 or can be placed directly onto the still head.

Distributor Support Stands

This support stand is placed under the receiver distributor no. 500338 to provide support and stabilization.

Pumping Line

Final dry ice trap to vacuum source. One size fits all.

Single Neck Stainless Steel Flasks, with Thermowell, Quenching Coil and Delta-P


Weighing Foots

For use with 500339 series receivers.

Still Head Plugs


Receiver Stands

For use with 500339 series receivers. Holds six.

Spill-Over Point Depth Gauge

This tool is used to determine the exact spill-over point on 500270 series still heads. This is critical in locating the crook of thermocouple 500315-1236.
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